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We have invested in a delivery fleet which includes vehicles with highly fuel efficient engines. All vehicles are tracked using a GPS system that monitors fuel consumption and the driving attributes of our drivers. This enables us to constantly improve transport, enabling staff to review their driving style to reduce fuel consumption and engine emissions. We encourage staff to optimise the way they drive by giving prizes to the ‘greenest’ drivers.

All this is backed by driver training programmes. So far 22 drivers have been through this training with some positive results:

Our 8 occasional drivers

  • Annual fuel saving of 23.3% on fuel
  • Fuel cost saving of £2,230
  • CO2 saving of 9.2 tonnes

Our 14 frequent drivers

  • Annual fuel saving of 18.6% on fuel
  • Fuel cost saving of £8,886
  • CO2 saving of 7.9 tonnes

Working towards even greener deliveries

As vehicle technology continuously improves, we are always exploring how we can capitalise to make our delivery fleet even more sustainable.

Working in conjunction with one of our major customers, we are currently evaluating the potential for electric and hybrid vehicles to replace our diesel engine fleet. As our current vehicles reach the end of their service life, we are committed to renewing with the most sustainable solutions.

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