Added value

What we will bring to your project


We have made significant investments throughout the past decade to create one of the most advanced window and door manufacturing plants in the UK. This has enabled us to incorporate the latest tracking technology which gives every component part its own unique barcode and identity, giving us total traceability of components.

We have invested in significant improvements to our PVCu fabrication lines which means we can work more efficiently, cutting resource use and increasing capacity. With windows for every project digitally barcoded, our computerised system works intelligently to optimise the sections required for individual windows so as little as possible is wasted from the 6m PVCu extrusions that we work from. Once sections are cut, these go through our state of the art corner cleaning and welding machinery. This enables eight corners to be welded and cleaned in one operation, reducing fabrication time and optimising production capacity.

Similarly, in our aluminium factory every project is also digitally barcoded and our intelligent systems optimise cutting to ensure as little as possible is wasted from the aluminium lenghts we work from.

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