Training & Development

At CMS we strive to provide opportunities for each member of staff to learn through their job, and maximise their potential. Therefore, we recognise that to continue to give the finest production and first class service to our customers, we must provide first class training and development.

By choosing to work at CMS you will have access to a full training programme that is tailored to your needs by regular assessments. When you join the CMS team you will receive an induction into the company as a whole, and to your specific department in particular. This lets you get to know your new job thoroughly before you even begin.

As well as mandatory Health and Safety and other essential courses, we will help you to develop a bespoke training programme that allows you to follow your interests, and develop through the ranks of the business. You can also study for recognised qualifications, like SVQs, to boost your long-term career prospects so there is no limit to what you could learn with a job at CMS Window systems.

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