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Trade blog - three

What makes a window or door ‘sustainable’?

Growing public recognition of the need to cut carbon emissions, reduce waste and minimise resource use is undoubtedly changing the way many consumers make decisions about the products and services they buy. But, aside from the media attention, how much does sustainability really matter to consumers?

An August 2018 report by Nielsen revealed that 81% of respondents in a global survey felt strongly that companies should help to improve the environment. Millennials (aged 21-34) felt most strongly in saying that it is "extremely" or "very" important that companies work to improve the environment, with Generation X (ages 35-49) closely behind at 79%. With such a strong consumer appetite amongst those with the most buying power, the sales opportunities are definitely there for businesses whose offer clearly represents a sustainable choice.

When it comes to a window or door, sustainable means many things. Importantly though, we as an industry must educate consumers about the green credentials of our products and shift the conversation to talk confidently about how choosing a certain window and door will help them be more environmentally sustainable.

As product manufacturers, we can’t simply say ‘we are sustainable’ by making a token gesture or without being able to back up our claims. That’s why we put sustainability at the heart of our business, which encompasses:

First-rate window and door performance

All CMS windows and doors are manufactured using thermally advanced PVCu and aluminium profile systems and double or triple glazed units to provide low U-values down to 0.8 W/m2K on finished products. This means they will help householders cut their heating bills during the winter and thus reduce their energy consumption. In the case of hard pressed families and individuals suffering hardship this can help alleviate fuel poverty, which society urgently needs to address.

And CMS products are built to last too, with a life expectancy on the PVCu frames of at least 35 years and sealed units designed to last in line with industry-leading guaranteed standards. So aside from a little routine maintenance to the hardware, the life cycle of a CMS window or door will be pretty hassle-free and not require frequent call-backs for repair or premature replacement.

To find out more about the CMS Trade PVCu window and door range, please call 01355 201921.

Minimising waste

We have to do more to minimise the amount of waste we generate as a society, and the calls to eliminate the use of single use, non-recyclable materials in things like packaging shows that voices are becoming louder.

Every manufacturing business generates waste during production and CMS is no different. But what we also do is remove thousands of post-use windows and doors every year through our social housing contracts division, which adds huge volume to the amount of waste we handle.

In the year to April 2019, despite handling more than 2800 tonnes of waste plastic, timber, metal, glass, packaging and other materials, not a single kg of this went to landfill! With our in-house waste collection, separation and recycling facilities, we diverted 100% of our waste away from landfill into recycling streams (97%) and waste-to-energy companies (3%). Doing so achieved a major saving on new resource use.

To find out more about the CMS Trade PVCu window and door range, please call 01355 201921.

Safe and efficient manufacturing and operations

CMS has always adopted a lean manufacturing approach and ensured our sites are managed in a way that reduces fossil fuel use and has a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We heat our factories using biomass boilers which saves in excess of 90% on CO2 emissions compared with electricity or oil use, and we now have four electric vehicle charging points to accommodate our fleet switching away from diesel and petrol.

But we’ve gone even further now with the introduction of our biodiversity programme. This puts a proactive plan in place to manage the site around our factories to encourage flora and fauna and protect important habits and eco-systems. It’s a clear demonstration that our manufacturing operations and the local environment can thrive side-by-side, and we are delighted to be one of the first businesses in our sector to take such comprehensive action.

To find out more about the CMS Trade PVCu window and door range, please call 01355 201921.

Always thinking of the bigger picture

The Scottish Government wants Scotland to be net zero carbon by 2045. That’s closer than we think and why we are already ahead of the curve in putting in place ways to ensure our carbon emissions are continuously reducing. We are one of the few companies in the UK to align our business strategy with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to encourage responsible consumption and production in more than 170 countries across the globe. Whilst this may not seem all that important right now, this is going to become a mainstay of running a business in years to come as the urgency increases to mitigate the effects of climate change.

To find out more about why windows and doors from CMS represent a sustainable choice, call us on 01355 201921 or send us a message.

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