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Sustainability report

Visit our downloads section for our latest sustainability report.

Zero waste to landfill

We are proud to have diverted 100% of our entire waste, including all extracted window & door material as well as manufacturing, site & office waste, from landfill for the last 2 years.

Reducing carbon emissions

As a manufacturer we are extremely conscious of the major cost of energy use to our business. As a consequence we have introduced a number of initiatives to help reduce our energy usage. These include the installation of 3 biomass boilers to heat our factories and the installation of an energy efficient VRF heat recovery system and low temperature air source heat pump for our offices. Whilst all of these initiatives have delivered efficiencies we are constantly seeking to improve the working conditions for our staff and reduce our impact on the environment.

The materials and components we utilise to create products for new buildings and for the refurbishment of existing ones, are coming under the spotlight more than ever before as we strive towards a highly sustainable society. The battle against climate change is constant and buildings are a major CO2e contributor. To ensure our buildings are energy efficient in the long term and created using materials that have not cost the earth to produce, product selection and specification must take into account the whole life cycle of a product and therefore consider post-use disposal too.

Some of our environmental activities

  • Recycling: diverting 100% of our entire waste from landfill (PVC and metal off-cuts, extracted window & door waste, metal, glass, timber, paper, cardboard, plastic, cans etc.)
  • Close monitoring of material used.
  • Design out waste at project inception.
  • Specification of energy efficient equipment where practical.
  • Specification of organically stabilised profile.
  • Development of new windows using recycled materials.
  • Development and certification of our "A-rated" window.
  • Generate electricity through renewable technology.
  • Provide our Innovation Hub free to organisations promoting energy efficiency.
  • Engage with government, industry organisations and educational facilities to promote best practices.


Unlike other materials used in window and door frames our PVCu windows and doors are 100% lead, barium and cadmium free and perform extremely well in terms of sustainability. PVCu is extremely resource-efficient in its manufacture and in the case of CMS, creates windows that offer excellent thermal performance and security over a lifetime of 35 years. In addition, when PVCu windows are eventually replaced, they can be easily collected and 100% recycled.

We demonstrate our commitment to 'closing the loop' through our recycling facilities in Cumbernauld. Kirkcaldy and East Kilbride. All our facilities handle the recycling of all extracted timber, PVCu and metal windows and doors from domestic properties and commercial contracts and have the capacity to process entire window frames at the rate of approximately 900 per week. These strategic sites service installation contracts across the UK. Working in partnership with our supply chain partners we also segregate and recycle all broken/ surplus glass, metal, paper, polythene, PVCu and timber as a separate added value service.

Environmental credentials

The environmental activities of our business are not restricted only to those associated with our manufacturing and administration processes but also to the type of suppliers we engage with, the products we provide / develop and the added value services we can offer to our client base and beyond. Our clear commitment to providing quality products with consideration for the environment is also demonstrated by the certification of our Integrated Management System to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environment) since 2006. The Integrated Management Systems has been externally assessed and verified for the last 6 years by Exova and covers the manufacture, supply and installation of PVCu and aluminium window and door systems.

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