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Sustainability report

Visit our downloads section for our latest sustainability report.

Sustainability overview

As an established manufacturing business, we fully recognise that we are in a strong position to make a positive impact on people's lives and the local economy.

We understand the need to work with our employees and commercial partners to deliver best value products and services which are ethically and sustainably sourced and have minimal negative impact on the environment. Our commitment also extends to the communities in which we work. We have an obligation to provide a safe, healthy working environment for our colleagues, sub-contractors and the general public.

As the business landscape evolves and our business continues to grow we recognise the importance of operating a company based on integrated sustainability; economic, environmental and social for long-term business success.

Our commitment to sustainability is further underlined by our collaborative work with our window profile supplier to introduce the UKs first ZERO carbon fully reinforced (0.8u value) window.

Environmental sustainability

We are accredited to ISO 14001:2015, the international standard for environmental management. Our Environmental policy statement is at the core of our Environmental Management System with every aspect of the business, on-site and off-site adhering to our ongoing environmental objectives.

Environmental and sustainability issues are central to the overall business strategy of our business. Our mission statement underpins our company ethos: 'We are committed to the continual improvement of the quality of our products and services and seek to minimise adverse environmental impact whilst doing so.'

CMS Products Short Carbon Payback

To understand the environmental impact of the CMS triple glazed 0.8 Uvalue window, we engaged with Caledonian University through the CIC Start programme to perform a lifecycle analysis of the product.


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